Tufting workshop

During this workshop of approximately 4 hours you will learn all the important things and get started with your (first) tufting rug. With a wealth of creative experience, Loes will help you with all questions and tufting techniques. These courses take place in Zwolle.

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What can you expect from the tufting course?

Use tufting gun and materials

Receive an explanation about the tufting gun and materials during the introduction. Learn all the ins and outs.

Stretching cloth

Stretching a canvas is secretly quite challenging. Learn how to tension it correctly all by yourself.

Make your own creation

Yes, you can unleash your own creative mind and sketch and tuft a design of your choice.

Material included

Yes, you are allowed to work with random materials. Ultimately, you get to keep the tufted rug yourself.

Group size

It is of course important that everyone receives personal help. The groups are therefore limited to a maximum of 6 participants per half day.

Help with techniques

You will be well helped to master the intricacies of tufting. Questions are of course welcome.

In collaboration with a piece of string

For questions and bookings, please visit the Houtje String. website.

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