F-2500 Tufting Glue - by FinestRugs. (5KG)

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Back Tufting Glue "F-2500 Latex Glue": The Ultimate Choice for Tufting Projects

The F-2500 Latex Adhesive is the solution for bonding yarn to the primary carpet substrate. This specially formulated adhesive from Germany is ideal for handmade carpet finishing, punch needle and woven projects. It also provides a non-slip solution for old carpets. Its durability and flexibility make it a favorite among carpet makers. Suitable for all types of yarn, natural or synthetic surfaces and even heated floors. With the F-2500 Latex Glue your carpet will remain in perfect condition for life without deformation.


  1. Hang your rug securely to your tufting frame.
  2. Apply a coat of F-2500 adhesive using a paint roller, adhesive spreader or disposable brush. Even pressure ensures good distribution. Too much pressure can cause the glue to penetrate too deeply into the yarn.
  3. Chargeable after 24-48 hours.
  4. Final strength reached after 72 hours
  5. For extra strength and longevity, you can apply a second layer of F-2500 adhesive.

Important: Use in a well-ventilated area. The smell disappears during drying. Store at room temperature. Shelf life: Until at least 12 months after shipment date.

Note: Test on a small area first. Contains latex; people with a latex allergy should take precautions.

 *The bucket contains 5KG of carpet glue.