Tufting Gun KRD-1

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The KRD-I is a cut and loop tufting gun that allows for both cut and loop stacking. With cut piles, the gun cuts the fibers as they are pushed through the fabric, creating a longer and more textured finish. With loop piles, the fiber is not cut between stitches and the carpet generally has a more dense or flat appearance.

The KRD-I is equipped with a mechanism that makes it relatively easy to switch between cut and loop (easier than with the ZQ-II). Keep in mind that it still requires good knowledge of the machine. If you do not turn on the machine correctly after changing the settings, it may break.

The build quality of the KRD-I has been improved over older models and it has an adjustable stack height of 5-18mm and an adjustable speed of 5-45 stitches per second. The tufting gun comes with a tool kit, a loop pile head and an extra pair of cutters. The voltage range of this model is 220V and it weighs only 2.1 kg, making it lighter than similar models.